Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stuffed Steak.... Wyatts favorite.

Suppose you have never heard of stuffed steak. Well that is what we call it anyway. Out here they sell very thin steaks, I think to make teryaki beef with. I take that steak and lay mozzarella cheese, bacon bits, sauteed onions, mushrooms, peppers and garlic on top of the meat. By the way when I sautee the veggies I add salt pepper and other spices, that I love on beef, while it cooks. Looks beautiful aready right? Now rollI that baby up and set it on a presprayed baking sheet. Pre heat oven to 425 degrees. After I have enough for the entire family I bake it for about 15 minutes. This time I served this with a Mushroom and Herb Risotto. Awesome resturant style dish for very little cost.

Chads big day is coming up. The Grand opening to his new location. We have not been sleeping well. Pretty exciting and nerve racking stuff. We can't wait for it to be over. I keep going over in my head what I am going to make. How much do I think we will need. Gosh I hope people show up, what if too many people come and I didn't make enough, and will the kids act properly, God please don't let them embarass us! Will the place look good enough. Hopefully those darned ants I have been having trouble with stay away. So many worries....

I am sure for every one of our worries that amazing things will happen. Chad hopefully will be busier than ever and I can continue to work with him. Hopefully finacially this will put us in a better place. I would like to own our own home someday and have all but given up on that dream. I am 37.... If I don't own one now ... well you know. 37 seems to be a turning point for me. I still feel young but the number is telling me I am too old. A bunch of crap I feed myself. I am too old to go back to school... Bull, I am old enough to know what I want to do for the rest of my life by now... NOT!, I should be finacially stable and able to give my kids the sun, moon and stars... who do I think I am? "A FREAKING HILTON"? It is obvious that maybe some choices I have made haven't been the most endowing with material things. I could have stayed in business school and possibly being paid good money to be someones secretary or work in a bank like my Mother. I hated it. It wasn't me. I could have bought that land in Vermont when I had the money but I suppose I probably still wouldn't have house built on it. I could have saved better... well yeah I really should have but we had fun. Shoulda coulda woulda right. I don't think really I ever would have changed a thing. I don't need the material things, eveything I ever needed I have here. My family. It may come with occasional arguements, loud T.V's and or a radio. It may come with being broke, or giving up my shoes to my son because he likes mine better. It make come with pulling my hair out at times or throw up on a bed every now and then that I end up cleaning but as long as it comes with laughter, love, great food, and respect than I am honored that it belongs to me.

Kind of like stuff steak. All of the good and bad(if you do not like veggies like my Wyatt) rolled up into a heavenly thing we call life.

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