Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Diner Night!!! Does it get any better????

Whoohoo!!! We love "Diner Night"!!!This is the night we make our diner favorites. We love mushroom cheddar burgers, fries and onion rings, but it is soooo bad for us. Clogs the arteries and puts on the weight. BOOOOO:(. Well don't fret... I am not going to let anyone tell us we cannot have it. NO NO NO!!! Screw them all because I have the secret to eating diner smart, and now so will you.

Turkey burger, it is the key ingredient to our dish because; hey I can live without the fries and rings if I have to, but don't you dare forget that burger. Add your favorite spices. This evening, we put salt, pepper, garlic, fresh chives and a hot pepper (from my garden). I like it hot. mix it all together. If your turkey burger is a little juicy, in a raw state, add some flax. This will absorb the extra liquid and is a good substitution for bread crumbs. Now make into patties. Grilling is great if you can but I cooked mine in a fry pan that had been (yup you guessed it) sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Non-stick cooking spray is possibly one of the most important ingredients in my kitchen. You will see me use it almost daily and in different ways. Tip: If you eat grill cheese sandwiches instead of using butter on the bread use the non-stick cooking spray. It will still make your sandwich crispy but without the added fats. Now for those evil fries. I take a potato and cut it into strips just as you would if you were making normal fries from scratch. Season with salt and pepper. Spray that baking sheet with non-fat cooking spray and lay out potato in a single layer. Then spray those french fry wannabes with that same spray. Put into an oven that has been preheated to 450 and cook until golden brown. Last but not least those sweet onion rings. Gosh I love you little guys. Take a couple of eggs. Use only the whites now and beat them into submission. Cut up your onions into rings. Now you are ready to make the crispy outside. I use flax, cornmeal and a few bread crumbs. Salt and pepper to taste. Now dip in whites, dip in crumbs, put on a sheet, spray with the spray and now you are almost done. Put that sheet into the oven that is preheated to 450 and just as you would with fries.... cook until golden brown. I used lettuce as my bun because a burger should really be held when eaten. I also was lucky enough today to finally find diet Sunkist! JACKPOT!!! This is my kids favorite meal. They cheered when they asked what was for dinner and I proclaimed "diner night" was on!!!

Okay so I haven't talked much about the exercise I have been doing lately. Well I have been walking about two miles a day with Kylann and Chad, and I have made up my own water aerobics that I do in the pool or ocean daily. Wow do my stomach muscles hurt the next morning. I found I like working out in the water because I do not sweat. Now you all remember how much I hate sweat right. So all of this has been really great! By the way we finally have our Wii. Yes they had to replace the one that magically transformed itself into 10 pounds of ball point pens (hahaha). For those of you who don't know our Wii was stolen en route to Nintendo to get fixed and replace with pens. We missed it so much. If you own a wii I strongly suggest you invest in the Wii fit programs. It not only helps you to workout in a really fun way but it also re balances your body, weights you, tells you your BMI (body mass index), assigns you a trainer (mine is a male... I named him Flavio after someone I knew who looked just like him), teaches you yoga, strength trains you and meditation. Not bad aye? Yes it cost quite a bit but when you think about how much the gym costs well it is about equivalent to a two month membership.
So I kept it as short and sweet tonight as I could. I hate being too serious all the time. After awhile it can get old (at least to the reader/listener). I like laughter best.... I have enough serious in me for everyone. Have a wonderful day all. I am off for my nightly walk and then to bed. Kisses!

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