Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Homemade Kona Lime Jello.... watch it wiggle!

I am in dessert mode and have made homemade lime Jello from the four pounds of Limes I inhereted the other day. So here is the recipe.
2 Packages of Knox gelatin
6 tbs of Lime Juice.
1/4cup of splenda
1 cup of boiling water

Put your 2 pkgs of gelatin in a bowl. Add in the lime juice and stir. The mixture will become thick. Add your hot water and splenda. Taste to be sure not too sweet or tart. Feel free to add more lime juice if need be because this jello comes out very firm. Cool for 45 minutes. Then stir it up to break it up into little pieces. Put in a serving dish or cup and totop with sugar free cool whip. Very satisfying.

I ended up in Borders yesterday, of course in the cookbook section. "Chicken Soup for the Dieting Soul" caught my eye and I felt intrigued. I plopped my butt down at one of the tables and opened the book somewhere in the middle and read the perfect story for me. It was about this girl who never was heavy set. Even after having her first child she was left 5 pounds lighter than when she was in high school. It was during her second pregnancy that she felt hungry all the time and as she put it went of an eating orgy with food. She had gained a significant amount of weight and even after she had her baby was unable to get rid of it because she was in denial. Years later she looked out her window and noticed two new mothers out walking there babies and took notice of how they were dressed. Shorts with elastic waist bands and over sized tee's. She thought of how bad they looked and then she looked at herself in the mirror and realized she looked the same. She decided it was time to change. Much like myself, But it was how she looked at the situation after that really changed my way of looking at a diet. She decided she didn't like the word diet. It isn't a fun word for sure. It has too many restrictions and you expect a lot out of a diet. She chose to say she was starting a life plan. A plan that promoted healthy eating but with the occasional nasties so as not to stop living. It took her a few years but she is back down to her high school dress size and is still on her life plan. This story was very inspirational to me and I hope you get out of it what I did. The truth is we all need a life plan. It doesn't matter if we are too fat, too skinny, or just right... we all want to live for our children or lovers and for some of us, even for ourselves. We should everyday try to do something good for our bodies and if we need that cake and eat every now and again, well... it won't kill us will it. Love you readers, be well and live life. After all it is too short... isn't it?

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