Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Night off from cooking .... Well I need to heal

So I took the night off from cooking... well I need to heal. What did I eat today? Well the road took me back and forth all day so no choice but
to eat out. No breakfast, Panda Express for lunch for those steamed veggies and green bean chicken, and for supper well we had Costco. Pizza no crust and a salad. See it is possible to diet and eat out.

So my hand looks rather good today. Just a few burn blisters and some signs of where the pan met my palm but over all way better than I expected. Tomorrow I should be tip top and back to normal. I realized just how important our hands are this morning while showering. I can wash almost every place on my body with one hand no problem but the arm pit of my good hand... well lets just say I could have smelled better. I didn't stink but it certainly wasn't Rosie. I know... I know this is what they make deodorant for right. I had a few groceries to pick up at Costco. Good thing I had My Boy, Wyatt and Chad to help because... man!!... Bulk is heavy!!! I have a new found respect for my hands.

My night was pretty sleepless last night. I tossed and turned. Pulled my hand out from under the covers and then back under again. Too hot and too cold. My dreams though were sweet and funny. My first great dream. A wonderful friend that I haven't seen forever held me up when I was down. His kind words made sense to me and reminded me of what true friendship is. His hands were kind and strong. He pat my head and told me everything was okay. I believe he is right and hope he comes to visit me in my dreams more often. Another, Chad had rented us a beach house by the ocean. It was beautiful, however, we had no money for this expense. He told me everything is okay my check will be big. But when that check came we were more than hurting. I was angry. we could not spare this kind of cash. Next thing I know a submarine came for us to have dinner in. It was all decked out for a romantic evening. There were flowers and music and no anger. A few minutes later a yellow sub full of Military men came. Each end of that sub twisted off and were able to screw back onto our sub. These were the kitchens where our fabulous meal was being made. The best part Daniel Radcliff (you know Harry Potter) was one of those military men that came to greet us with his hand out to shake. Too funny right??? Hands that reached out to me in my dreams last night. Strong, friendly and loving hands. This great joy and peace has been handed back to me again today. I am thinking of all of my friends, family and last nights visitors and sending you all some strength, love, and peace tonight. Oh before I go I did work out in the ocean today for an hour and my little buddy screech came with me. LOL Michelle will know who I mean:p

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