Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get your chopsticks out Greenbeans and Pork....

Get you chopsticks out we are having Green beans with pork. This is one of the easiest recipes. Reason??? I cheated at the sauce. Why buy all the ingredients to make a sauce when there is a perfectly great one on the shelf at the store?? My point exactly!!!! I like the Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand sauces. I chose to use the "Beef and Broccoli" sauce. It is a lovely brown sauce that tastes good with any meat. I sliced up my pork loin into very thin shaved pieces mixed in the sauce and some ginger. I allowed it time to marinate, about 1 hour and then put it in the oven set at 300. I allowed it to cook for an hour and a 1/2 before adding some frozen whole string beans. The meat at this point tastes fabulous. Sorry I worked in too many restaurants you must taste the food to make sure it is coming out okay. It is very tender. Another hour later and Dinner!!! I am serving brown rice with this and some mixed veggies. Who needs the local Chinese restaurant???

So I had this very strange dream last night that I just have to share. It is me that you all have seldom seen but does emerge at times. It is the hidden Me with the back bone. Something happened where my sister was getting remarried. My father had sent out postcards to many people for a dinner in honor of their marriage. It was funny because almost everyone there were from my In-Laws side of the family. (they don't care for him much and visa versa). Just remember now we have no control over our dreams. At some point in the dinner My father got up and left. I remember how joyous the atmosphere became without him there. The chatter became loud with conversation and there was laughter. What a relief because who really likes a stuffy tense room even if it is in a dream. Next thing I know it is very late. Everyone is leaving except my sister and I. "Goodbye, Goodbye, oh Goodbye Sue, Elaine and Linda". Now comes the bill and we have no money. Wasn't this supposed to be paid for by the person who invited everyone to dinner. "Wait does anyone have any money"? "Thanks Linda for the $3.00". What else could I say? I did appreciate her effort. She too expressed anger at my father for this inconvenient situation. Next thing I know I am at a broken down old house in Vermont that is apparently his home. I walk up the broken, rickety stairs that lead from the basement to his living room. I begin yelling at him for the situation he left us in, and how embarrassing it was. It was at that moment he began to cry. He tried to argue back saying it wasn't his responsibility and then he left. Bang Bang Bang... What is that? I ask my sister. We begin to get ready to run down the stairs when I realize that there are people trapped behind a door. I let them out. They are my fathers prisoners. They are safe now and begin to run behind us to get out. We run though the basement (here's one of the funny parts) where I notice petroglyphs etched into the floor (obviously Hawaii has made its impression) and we run out. Boom... switch scenes ....Now I am with Chads cousin Ann. What is this she is trying to get me too eat? "CAVIAR" GROSS!!! I am actually considering it... don't do it... awe go ahead give it a whirl. I reach for it...ARGH... it is sticking to my finger!!! What am I thinking? Gag... Where is the bathroom... bathroom... bathroom anyone??? darn, I didn't make it. "Wendy... Wendy.... did you wake Wyatt up to go to the bathroom"??? Oh wait... that last line really was real. I guess I know why the bathroom was, or was not introduced.

How do I interpret this dream???? Well I once heard my father tell my mother that he never wanted the responsibilities of having children or getting married. I gather that he should have used a condom then, because it sounded as if this situation trapped him into what he considered a loveless marriage. Loveless. My mother I don't think at the time that they conceived their first child could have loved him more. She had to have. They were married for 20 some odd years. She stayed through verbal and physical abuse, and through it all she was not the one who cheated. Why is it only the woman's responsibly anyway??? Men can just walk away. The girl is a slut. Men are fooling around. Women are labeled Whores. I mentioned, one time to my father that a girl I new was cheating on her boyfriend with a cousin of hers. He told me it isn't cheating it is just filling a void. I guess he had many voids. Those people that were trapped behind that door. I didn't recognize them because (i did not mention this) they were wearing scuba gear. Masks and all. I am guessing they were us. His prisoners all of those years. We are now free. His broken rickety stairs that lead to his living room is a resemblance of his entire life. Broken and still going on. As for the caviar thing... well maybe that is a way of telling me that life sucks sometimes and we just have to eat it... but when it gets too icky just get rid of it... don't wait for the nearest bathroom because it may not be close by. Gosh Deep... I should go into therapy school someday. First though I will continue with improving myself.

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