Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pizza Burger and Breaded Mushroom Caps

Pizza burgers tonight and some breaded mushroom caps. So this is how I do it. A pound of ground turkey. Add italian spices, pepper, and garlic. Mix it up. Set aside. Put out the block of Mozzarella cheese and cut into 1 1/2 inch square and 4 centimeters thick. 3 Pieces of 70 percent lean pepperoni and a few peices of mushrooms. stack it up. Cheese, then roni, and top with shrooms. Do this four times and set aside. Now take the burger mixture start one side of the patty in your hand. Then take one of the cheese stacks and place it on top of the started patty in your hand. Finish by taking more of the burger placing it on top of the cheese and create a seal so that now your burger is stuffed. Cook in fry pan until cooked throughly.

Stuffed mushroom caps I make the same way as I do the Onion rings. I make my breading out of flax, bread crumbs and spices. Use egg whites to dip the mushrooms in and then into the breading. spray with pam and then cook in a 400 degree oven for about 10 to 15 minutes. enjoy.

Wow what an exhausting day. The heat was incredible here so we sweat like crazy all day and Chads office was fabulously busy. It was wonderful to see new people come into the office and make appointments and the phone is ringing and ringing. Who knew that a new location and a classy business sign was the answer? So here I sit on my sons bed. It is cushie and soft and calling my name. "Wendy, lay down on me... I am here for you... rest your weary head awhile, the rest will wait". I want to do just that however before I can I have to make myself a list or I am sure I will forget something for this grand opening this saturday. At the top of the list? Making lotions, potions,and bathsalt samples to give away at the party. Testers. A great idea. I love them. I hope that it begins a new line of business for me. I have sold some in the past but now that we are busier the demand maybe greater. So I am going to end this one short and maybe tomorrow I will have more to say. Until then let me give you a couple of other great blogs to read. A day in my life by Tamra L. Peters and MyAverageLife by someone who I do not know but makes me laugh in only a couple of sentences. Enjoy

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