Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soups On!!! Mock BLT Soup

I have discovered the BLT soup. Ever heard of it? Me either. I just made it up. It was good though. Kylann had 2 bowls. Hey if a kid will eat it, it has to be good. What do you need? A can of whole tomatoes, milk, turkey bacon, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, basil, splenda and cheddar cheese. First cook your Turkey Bacon and then crumble it. Next take the can of tomatoes and put it into a medium sized sauce pan. Cut up the tomatoes so it creates a bisque style soup. Add some garlic, salt, pepper, Rosemary, basil and spinach (fresh or frozen). The spinach is the mock part of the soup that we are adding in place of the lettuce. Not too much salt now. Add enough splenda to cut the acid. Begin to heat soup slowly. While it is heating shred up some Cheddar cheese. Now that your soup is warm add some milk. This will make the soup a little creamy tasting. Add some cheddar cheese and allow to melt in soup. Now add the crumbled bacon. Once the soup it hot ladle into bowls and garnish with some of the cheddar cheese and some bacon bits on top of the soup. Easy and Satisfying.

This soup may sound strange. I am sure it is something that if seen in a can at the store maybe misunderstood and even unappealing. Yet once it is tried it is quite the opposite. It is warm, sweet, and has a unique flavor. It is enjoyable. Kind of like people. We read each other all the time. I am big on this. Hey I am just being honest. I can usually tell right away whether or not I am going to like someone. Most of the time I am right. How do I do this? I look into there eyes, and then feel their energy. Mean eyes... they maybe on those who seem to be the nicest people but usually in the end they are they kind of eyes that will get you. Big energy scares me. The louder you are chances are I will not get too close because it calls too much attention and Hey I am trying to blend in here!!! This is a learned quality I have. Maybe not attractive but a survival mechanism. It is a wall. I will not let you hurt me if I do not trust you. Do you understand what I mean?

I have been wrong a few times. One of my best friends I swore I would never get along with when I first met her. She was loud and everything I wasn't. I ended up asking her to be my Maid of Honor at my wedding. She declined stating that she felt that one of my sisters should take that position and that she would settle for being a brides maid. She is one of the kindest, funnest, and energy filled people I know. I cannot remember what it was that made me take a chance with her but I am glad I did. She helped me get a back bone and taught me how to raise a little heck every now and again. I Thank her for that.

On the other hand I have had people that I trusted completely that I never should have. A friend that I was so close to that she was like a sister and her family called me another daughter. I made the mistake of doing business with this friend and part of my equipment malfunctioned. I tried to get her to allow me to take some of her Wedding Pics outside but she always had something else to do (however, she could pose for others outside) Had she allowed me to do this she would have had the group pictures that she wanted. She threatened to sue me. I gave her everything. Her pictures, the film, and all of her money back. I had to sell a camera to to do this. I never would have done to her what she had done to me. She does hair. Had she done mine and turned it green I never would have put her through what she put me through. All of the names and threats. She tossed me a side and in return lost a friend. I hope it was worth it to her.

Funny. In each of these situations I would have chosen the wrong can of soup. One friend was the strange BLT soup and the Other the comfortable Chicken Noodle. I chose both and in the end much happier with the strange less appealing soup. The one that wasn't ordinary, convenient, or my usual genre but was in the end a wonderful revelation.

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