Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am not a fan of eggs.... but I can cook 'em

I am not a fan of eggs but, I can cook 'em. Almost everyday on our while on our diet Chad eats an egg white omelet. He seems to enjoy them most when I make them because I stuff it with some really great stuff. He ususally just uses the whites and spices. He is happy with that though too. So Here is what I do. I take 4 egg whites. Beat them with a little splash of milk. A pinch of salt and pepper is added in. I spray my pan and begin to heat it. Now for toppings this is what the choices can be: Spinach, broccoi, zucchini or summer squash, onion, tomato, mushrooms, garlic, fresh herbs, and for meats shrimp, or cheese, or ham, or chicken. If I am adding meat I cut the eggs back to 3 instead of 4. I put the egg into the hot pan and then put the toppings on one side of the egg. I then fold it in half after the egg has cooked long enough to be stable and firm. Flip it once to make sure the egg is cooked fully. I don't think omelets should be runny. Then plate it up. Remember to turn off your stove after. Hahahah. It has happened before and I know at least one of you out there has had an issue with this recently.

The story behind eggs... I have never liked eggs. They have a strange mealy and soft gel like texture that sticks to your tounge. The flavor is not my cup of tea and makes me retch. The same with mayonaise. I can pick it out of anything. My mother used to get grinders sometimes and thought she could take off the mayo and put on mustard instead. She thought I would never know, but of course to her dismay I would be able to and would end up sick. There is also a memory that makes eggs much worse for me. My father once tried to get me to eat the scrambled eggs he had made. He taunted and scolded me for quite some time. He had me in tears at the table. Finally my Mother came in unable to listen to him get at me any longer and they argued. She told me to put on my winter clothes so she could take me to the sitters. I did just that as quickly as I could as they continued to argue. My father angry he was unable to make me eat them and angry that my Mom was sticking up for me. My Mother got me out of the house as quick as she could and then in a moment that we had before we entered the sitters home she wiped my tears and told me not to worry about it. To have a good day and everything was alright. It wasn't my fault. Those aweful eggs. I still hate the smell of eggs but am willing to cook them and make them into a beautiful breakfast for my Husband and son. My daughter is like me. She hates them. They make her sick. She isn't made to eat them and neither of my children are made to eat things they do not like. Accually that is not entirely true. If it makes them sick they are not expected to eat it, but when it comes to veggies they dislike than if they want seconds on any part of dinner they have to make an effort to eat that veggie. They may only get down 3 peas but at least they tried and that is all I can ask or atleast willing to ask.

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  1. add water to your egg instead of milk and they will be fluffy instead of heavy!
    And yes, I will do my best to shut off the burners! LOL