Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chicken in white whine and mushrooms

Chicken in white wine with mushrooms. Very good. How do you make this you may ask? Well it is easy. Spray down your sautee pan with Pam non stick spray. Put your chicken breasts in your pan and cook on Medium. As it cooks add some chopped garlic, salt and pepper. Now after it starts to brown add a couple of splashed of white wine and then your mushrooms. Allow it to cook down. Turn and add in a couple more splashes of white wine and finish cooking chicken thoughly. Serve with rice and or salad.

So here is the whine part. I am really going to whine now... get ready to play that little fiddle for me. Anyway we are piss broke and I have to pull off this grand opening this weekend. We just learned that Chads next check is going to be shitty and of course we have a ton of bills due and the account this a.m. was over drawn. The money that I did get just went to balance out the account and I still have 2 kids to feed and my refridgerator is bare. "f&^k"! I have spent most of my day crying. What do you do when your car insurance is due and you have to show proof that you are current to keep your job and you have no money? Cry. Pray. Cry some more.

I did just that. I screamed a lot too. It scared my daughter to see me distraught. My therapist says it is healthy for them to see me have my sad moments but I beg to differ. It seems that bottling it up is easier for them to handle. I felt better though. Then I found out we were supposed to get a tsunami. This made me feel better. I love the distruction of Mother Nature at times. Guess what happened. NOTHING!!! I can't get a hurricane, tropical storm, tsnuami, or even a little thunder and lightening out here!!! What do I have plenty of other than sunshine??? Cockroaches and ants!!!

so I wallowed in my self pitty most of the day. Then good news. Chad recieved an unexpected check that bought us groceries and help to pay car insurance so I still have my job. Although this was good news I still felt exhausted and agitated and to be honest I wanted someone to have a worse day than me. On the way home from dropping off my client some guy who was probably drunk wrapped his truck around a tree in a condo parking lot and this made me happy for 2 reasons. The first is very unselfish... no one was killed or hurt except for maybe the driver (I mean he may have been hurt but not killed). The second was very selfish. I though well at least someone was having a worse day than me. I smiled and I feel much better.

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