Thursday, March 11, 2010

There are Angels on Earth

Okay so here I am maybe 2 weeks away from starting school and the reality that my computer has shit the bed is right in my face. I didn't want to believe it because it is maybe quite possibly the worst time for this to happen. I don't have the money yet for another and financial aid just told me that my stypin check will take 2 months atleast to get to me so I can get a new computer. ARGH!!! s@#$, #^&*, and other cuss words. I am definetly frustrated and do you know what is worse? I cry. Yup, when I am totally frustrated I cry. So the tears fall and I feel like a fool because I must look like an incredible baby. If not I feel like one. So off to the business office I go. Now here is how I know Angels exist on Earth:

I tell him that my computer has died and that for the next few weeks, months, whatever I will need to use his computer for classes and that most importantly every monday during the hours of 1-3 I will need a computer reserved for me because I cannot miss my live classes.
His responce "No Problem"
I tell him I need microsoft office, powerpoint and excel.
Again "No problem and over here at this computer it has the 2007 version" which is exactly what I need.
Then he says "I will even give you a student discount". Amazing!!!

My Advisor was on the phone with me at the sametime telling me "Wendy don't worry we are going to make this happen for you and I will work dillegently on getting that check to you as soon as it comes in. Then we talk and he eases my mind with his wonderful stories of life and listens to mine in return.

I am Humbled. I feel like crying now not because I am frustrated but because I am so lucky. I have 2 extra Angels on my side. They are here on Earth and truely making my life way easier. And you know what???? I have a lot more Angels than that when I think about it. I have all of my wonderful friends who cheer and become my own personal pep squad. I have been shown so much support and love. Thank You God for all That you do for me and Thank you for my Angels. If you think you are one of them. Yup you are:)

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