Monday, March 8, 2010


Well I usually start writing with a topic in mind but today I am just going where ever my thoughts take me. Best times: the best time as a child was when we went to maine. I was our first family vacation. I had seafood that wasn't frozen for the first time and play in the arcade. We played at the ocean but only stayed 1 night because all it did was rain. Then I cried almost all the way home. We didn't vacation again for many years but still a good memory.

In preschool my parents had split for awhile. My Dad come to pick me up with Uncle Garth (no relation) in his 18 wheeler with a sleeper. I had a blast riding over to rutland. I remember eating a truck stop,and my friend Laurie making a slecial clock out of a paper bag and construction paper just so she could keep track of time until I got there. Dad took me to the mall and bought me a Smurf record. I had the best time. My younger sister accidently broke the record. I cried. I got punished for crying and shipped off to bed for the day.

Balogna ends. That is what Gram & Gramp gave us at the store to eat instead of candy. It was the best. All of us kids lined up eating balogna ends and watching Water Kronkite with Gramp. I love my Gram & Gramp so much.

Making forts with Kim and Buzz. We used real wood and nails. Tonkas, and cow boys and indians. Buzz used to make this awesome gun shooting sound. I think only boys can make that sound. I had to settle for the old "BANG BANG".

Stealing carrots out of Evelynn Jones garden. We would eat them dirt and all. We were always watching so we didn't get caught. I later found out the joke was on us. She used to sit up in her window and watch all of us kids laughing. She even planted extra the following years. Cheers!!!!

Swimming lessons and rootbeer barrels.

Rollerskating until my sister let her friend use my strawberry shortcake rollerskates. Somehow she broke 1 of them in 1/2. Man that sucked. Again in trouble for being upset. But I loved them. Okay apparently I need to purchase myself some roller skates.

Writing letters to Santa, and leaving him cracker wrappers because they looked like coupons. Jackfrost on the windows.

Peeling lead paint off gail leblancs molding. That was the funnest part of nap time.

The day I stopped sucking my thumb and I was woken up from my nap to make cookies to celebrate.

It is a nice reminder that not all was bad. I guess life is like a salad. Parts of it can be quite enjoyable and other parts you just need to pick out and throw away..... like black olives, tofu, anchovies, artichokes etc. You get the idea. I guess the important part is to throw it away though instead of eating it to be polite like I was told to do, after all, all it does is pro long the suffering.

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