Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back in the Saddle

I think I am finally back in the Saddle. I have been working diligently on my wii board and have already achieved my first goal. So a new weight goal has been set.
I am feeling lighter than usual and no not because I have lost some weight but things seem interesting and better somehow. I am excited and seem to have a bit of spring in my step. I think I need to keep myself very busy. So between the school, my blog, chads office, the homeschooling, and the cookbook.... well I am full. This is good stuff you know. Sitting idle is not my bag, unless I am depressed and then look out couch because here comes wendy and probable some comfort chocolate to boot.

My health??? well that is kind of a worry. Not bad and not really a worry but just trying to figure out what to do next. My legs are driving me crazy at night along with my arms. We have bumped up the meds for that as far as I can go; so now I am happy that. I am going to finally see a neurologist and maybe get this annoyance figured out. other than that all seems well.

The computer issue seems to be working itself out and well looks as though in a couple of weeks I will own a new Dell by help of my mom. That is the crazy part. She really hasn't been too supportive of me going to college, but she has put her best foot forward and has offered to send me the money to get the computer and I can repay her when the financial aid kicks in. Win Win for me I hope. I hate having to have help though. feel like I am toddling like a baby. Awe I will take care of her someday in return. I wish I could now.

My Friend kelly and I made our inspirational tee's yesturday. Yes thanks to Monique mine says "I Rock"!!! It is absolutely perfect. As a matter of fact my daugher wanted the saying. I told her without a doubt "No". So she came up with "I'm Awesome" Perfect for her. My Friend who is trying to unload an exhubby and exboy friend we made 2 for. Hers say "finding my freedom" and "Men are stupid... throw rocks at them" :P Made for good comic relief and fun. I even made homemade chex mix for the tee party. Now that is funny "Tee Party". I never thought of that one until now. We are going to do it again soon.

Over all crazy week but a good crazy. Good Crazy week = Less feeling Crazy Wendy!!!

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