Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pet peeve? Whiners! and I am one of them... sometimes.

Yes, one of my pet peeves.... People who whine. I am one of them, well not all the time but sometimes. Funny thing is I catch myself and then remind my self, "I hate listening to people whine". Then I think "why is it that we even bother whining anyway"? When I ask someone How are you today I am 100% sure I am going to hear them say "oh, just fine and you"? and I will reply "fine". Chances are that well we are fine but not wonderful so we cover. That is what we do. I don't know even how one would react if someone was just honest for a change and put it straight up "My life sucks!, I have too many bills, My spouse is a dick and my child is going through this nasty phase where he doesn't appreciate anything. My dog barks to much, the t.v. remote no longer works and to top it all off my car engine light is on. I mean what do you say at that very moment. Probably "oh...well that is too bad.... okay well... gotta go, I'm on a schedule". Funny it is like honesty is a bad thing when it comes to our unhappy feelings. It disappoints, scares and revolts us. Honesty is best when it about mistakes made, life lessons, and advice.

Good honesty well people like that a bit better but that can be a touchy area too. People who are struggling don't really want to hear about all of your blessings in life. Who cares if you have a new car? Your child is an honor student? Your husbands business is bringing in a ton of money each year, and you are going on a vacation to the French riviara for a month. Who cares that you have a brand new home on 5 acres of land? Who cares that you can go shopping at Neimann Marcus and that you just bought yourself a new diamond necklace? Who cares when you just want to plug your ears and scream instead of standing there smiling, and listening and patting them on the back when you are the one struggling? Just who really cares?

Whiners!!!! OOOHHHH nasty us when we just need to go there? and Braggers!!!! Yuck? It is no wonder that we answer "fine" when we are asked how we are. I bet everyone that reads this blog knows exactly what I mean and have felt it many times in life. I suppose that answering fine is our way of protecting ourselves from people who may have pet peeves about such conversations, like me. And you know what it really is. Jealousy and fear. Fear of how things can be so bad and Jealousy of what others have. Now there is honesty for you. :)<3

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