Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting Creative

Well I fully intended on making Mac Nut Mahi for dinner, however my nuts are MIA and now I have to pull some creativity out of me and create a dinner with the few ingredience I have left. We have already begun moving some of the kitchen stuff so a lot isn't here. So let me see I have Broccoli, garlic, parm cheese, crackers,some spices, tomatoes, and potatoes and some oils. Well that is definetly plenty. I think I will create a Broccoli and Herb encrusted Mahi. So this is what I will do. I have 5 perfectly portioned pieces of Mahi Mahi. I am putting them into a sprayed casserole pan. Now I am taking the broccoli and mincing up just the crowns. maybe about 1/2 cup. Now take the garlic and mince it up... just a clove. Now sprinkle the Broccoli, and the garlic on to the fish. Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper across the top of that. Now I am taking my crackers which I have 12 of and I am crumbling it over the top of the broccoli covered fish. A little fresh Rosemary and a spray of pam cooking spray on top and wow it looks like it is going to be great!!! Into the oven that I had preheated to 350 and bake for about 35 minutes. Now for the side dish. I have some potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce. I will cook my potatoes that I have chunked up in the mircrowave for about 7 minutes. By the way I cut up about 4 cups of potatoes and added some fresh Rosemary to cook with it. Once it came out of the microwave I added salt and pepper to taste, some fresh garlic, and put it in the refridgerator to cool. OOOHHH that fish is smelling good. I am sooo excited. Now that my fish is done. I have set it aside to cool while I finish up the side dish. So out comes the potatoes from the fridge and I am adding some Italian dressing, about 7 cherry tomatoes I have cut up into quarters and now stir. I am making a bed of lettuce to lay the potatoe salad on (by the way I have decided to name this Red, White and Blue potato and tomato salad) and then I put just a slight sprinkle of parm cheese on that. Now plate up the Mahi and just a squeeze of fresh lemon over that and wow it looks great, but it isn't really the look that counts now is it so let me taste. OMG... try this you will love it. It is fabulous. Remember if you cannot get Mahi the other fish you can use as substitues are: Haddock, orange roughy, Talapia, and even Codd.

Getting creative comes natural to me in the kitchen and when it comes to keeping secrets. I am thankful not to be carrying them around with me anymore. I still choose to harbor a few and will forever but they are mine and some still too embarassing to deal with and are not really worth dealing with for now. I am sure many people have atleast one of those. I am okay with it and the weight of all my secrets do not seem as heavy as they used to. It seems funny to me all of the secrets that we choose to keep though. I mean back when our parents were growing up look at how much was just filed away. Like my father for instance. His biological Mother was sent away when she was pregnant for him. It was a secret. It still is a secret. You didn't talk about depression or anxieties back then because it must mean you are crazy. Wonderful that now we can have children out of wedlock and we are still for the most part excepted, and we can have our issues and not get locked up for them. Everything for me when I was growing up was a secret. If you remember me back then well I guess you know part of the reason why I was so quiet. I was afraid to talk or say something that may hurt my parents business. We had to be picture perfect and squeaky clean. No make up, No boy friends, No going to places like CG's because it would give me a bad name, so much to be afraid of. My first boyfriend from Calais was a secret. I couldn't let my parents know. The rule was no dating until you are 16 and he had to be approved. My parents would have never approved of Andy. He was a rebel. Loved rock n roll, wore ripped jeans, had long hair and talked dirty. He made my heart fludder... everything I hope my daughter doesn't bring home. That lasted until school and we seldom saw each other after and another boy from my school was catching my eye. This boy was nice, a hard worker, a year older and my parents liked him. Dating Maurice was easy. why? No secrets... it was much better and I didn't have to make up a lie to see him. He ended up being my first real love. Funny how we don't talk anymore really (not because we dislike each other but more because of circumstances) how much we both have changed. Nothing really left in common. Sometimes I miss his friendship but maybe for him it is more comfortable that way. I guess what I am saying is that I feel he doesn't miss mine, and I hate being accused of still having feeling for him when I haven't seen him in years. Finally the Love of my life, Chad. I had a crush on him for so long, and the funny thing is I still do. No secret to anyone. Anyway a little off track here going down memory lane.
What I really am trying to say is life is way easier with out having to watch ever step you make or worry about what can or cannot come out of your mouth. Secrets I suppose are for those who have little to no self esteem. I am not perfect. My family is not perfect but no one is perfect. I had a child friend who stopped being my friend because he thought my family was perfect. Oh if he only knew. There is only 1 thing I have asked my kids to keep a secret only to spare them from being picked at. A lot of people would not understand. This secret for us is a happy and safe secret. we look forward to it. That is all I will say about it unless I choose to tell you in person it is ours to keep. I think secrets are okay as long as they are like, hum, GIFTS. This secret is a gift. A wonderful gift. This gift of a secret gives them self esteem and allowes them to look at their world as shapes, like our bodies for example. well I feel as if I am rambling and I am sure I have made my point. Most secrets heavy and not good, some secrets wonderful and such gifts. Just have to be smart enough to know one from the other and how to unload the crappy ones.

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