Monday, February 8, 2010

OK So Here's The Deal

Okay so here's the deal.... No I still do not have the internet at the office however I realize that I need my blog. So here I am at the local library while my time ticks away before it shuts down on me. Until my situation ends.... well.... these will be recipe free blogs. However blogs full of meaning to me and well who ever feels the same that I do sometimes.

So as most of you know I recently lost a loved one and the reason why I know most of you know is because I had a wonderful time with you while visiting home. I have to tell you life in Hawaii hasn't been the same since my visit and well only one of you really until today knows what I have been going through and I thank this person for their words and ears. It is not habit for me to call someone during my time of need but I felt such a pull to call this person and it truly was the right thing to do. I have learned a lot by being so far away from my true home. I have learned to stand on my own and I have grown up a whole lot. I have learned not to take all of you special people for granted and try to say everything I can to let you know what you mean to me.... just in case anything should ever happen while I am away. I never want to feel like I never told someone something and carry it with me forever. I have learned that the ones who really care are there no matter what and maybe sometimes life needs a good review to move on and make the best choices for youself. These lessons I have not taken lightly.

Loosing my Gramp has put me in such a place I have never been before and to be honest I am not 100% sure why. I prayed that Gramp would be taken Christmas day and the good Lord answered my prayers. I thought I was fine. Being here made me realize a few things  (time for that life review). We may come home a bit sooner than expected #1. We will see. #2 (I have shared this with only 1 friend) When I was home I should have inhaled my time with all of you a whole lot deeper or exhaled it a little slower because you all mean so much to me and I am feeling the loss of you all too. #3 Thanks to a very close friend... who laughed at me during our talk because Wendy just hasn't figured out that she is not super woman all the time (thanks for laughing I really needed it... seriously) I have learned to (let me see how did this person put it?) sob like a ninney.

Finally I am feeling better and that is why I can share with you now and begin to move on again. Wendy is getting her groove back!!!
Whooo Hooo!!!!

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  1. i have missed your blogs, and I am so happy to hear you are healing and moving forward instead of treading water.