Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am not sure what is for dinner. Let ya know tomorrow.

Okay so I am not sure what is for dinner tonight. I will let you know tomorrow. I am thinking salad would be best since I have gained back a few of thoses pounds this week. Well here are me excuses.... First the Grand opening. The food was so yummy and OH THE BREADS. Next left over Grand Opening food and a light wallet; pretty explainatory. Then Wyatts birthday, the Iron Man and eating so late last night at KFC (kids choice and they do not have the grilled chicken here that they have been advertising... BUMMER). I am not angry with myself or feel like I don't know how it happened because I do. I accually am excepting of it and now I have to step back up to the plate... after tomorrow of course because of the Mahalo party;P The Mahalo (thank you) party is put on by ford to thank all of the Iron Man volenteers for thier hard work. There is food gallor, rock climbing walls, and bouncing tents, gift raffles and speeches. It is so much fun.

I feel that this is the first Iron Man that I have volenteered in, even though I have participated 5 years now. The anti anxiety meds made all of the difference. The last few years I kind of hid. I hated to be around everyone and the crowds were just too much. This year however I enjoyed the atheletes. I joked with them, helped them, and even massaged a couple. I left feeling sad that it was over instead of greatful. This year I accually got it... the full experience of being an Iron Man Volenteer. I took the time to meet and ask the Atheletes that question that I think most want to know... what drives them to do it (because I still don't get that one) not one could answer me, other than to say they had been asking themselves the same questions since the start of the run.

I am looking forward to next years Iron Man. Maybe I will meet up again with Bella from the U.K., or Scott from Scottland, or that nice 25 year old from Austin Texas who thanks to Mathew was surprised to learn that I knew all about the colony of bats from his home town, and countless others.

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  1. LIfe is a Yo-Yo, we should expect ups and downs not only in our weight but or moods. I am so proud of you that you are not beating yourself up over a few pounds, you have come so far and are doing so well.
    THe Iron Man sounds like so much fun to volunteer at, you lucky woman!