Thursday, October 15, 2009

I need a name for this dish... and a new home

Tonight I felt like experimenting abit and who knows.... maybe someone has made this before but it was delicious and I have no name for it. It is a spin off of chicken florentine. I took my Chicken brests and made a long tunnel in the middle of it. How did I do this. I let the chichen lay on my cutting board and on one end I pushed my knife into the middle and created an area in which I could stuff. It worked out pretty well. Then I made a mock homemade pesto out of parsley, rosemary,thyme, garlic, basil, pepper, salt and olive oil. I set that aside while I cut up into circles little grape tomatoes and then mixed that into the pesto mixure. Again I set it a side. I took out my brick of mozz cheese and made finger wide logs out of it and set that a side. Next I took frozen spinach and warmed it in the microwave just until thaw and then I was ready to begin the stuffing of the breasts. So I took my chicken and shoved a stick of the cheese down the tube first. Then I pushed in the spinach and then the tomato pesto mixture. put it on my baking sheet which of course was sprayed with that wonderful pam cooking spray. After all were stuffed and on the pan I pre heated my oven to 425 degrees and then tossed the last of the spinach and the tomato mixtue on top of the chicken breasts. It was beautiful. Such lovely color. I baked it for about 45 minutes. Kylann had to try it right away to see if she would like it. I think the spinach scared her. Her face lit up and she said "yup that is what I am having for dinner". She even asked for seconds. So I need a name. Any suggestions?

OKAY so now for the new home part. I think I must be one of the people on the face of this earth that God has marked with the "Life will be full of sucky moments" sticker. I am sure that this is so the next time around I will appreciate the gifts that are given to me and I will be the next... HUM... I don't know but who ever it is, is rich and wonderful and has the perfect family. Perfect family, check that off my list, that I do have. Anyway, We were told that the lady that was buying the condo that we are currently renting wanted to keep us as renters. Wonderful right? including since we just moved here 6 months ago. Well it turns out there was a misunderstanding between the owner and the realator. They are moving here and need the condo starting in December. ARGH!!!! it isn't easy to find a place here. So I have come up with a brilliant solution. I have decided to put all of our stuff into storage and move into the office for a while. This will allow us to catch up on bills and begin to save and as for the holidays, well, I know the motto is "home for the holidays" However, I think ours is "The Sheraton for the Holidays". The kids are excited about that idea so what the hell? Lets give it a chance. I guess I am just over the moving thing. I am definetly over the stressing thing. As long as we have a roof over our heads we are going to be fine. That is more than others have, especially those who wear the "going to struggle, and life is going to be crap" sticker on. Whew boy am I glad I avoided that one!!! Thanks God!!

oh one more upside to this whole thing.... gourmet microwave and hurricane stove cooking. I make a mean meatloaf in the microwave believe it or not. Theres my lemonaide out of lemons... :)

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  1. how about:
    Mama's super stuffed chicken?
    It sure does sound delish! you are so creative and I wish you were making my dinners!