Tuesday, February 23, 2010

reminder to myself... be greatful

I need to remind myself to be greatful. I have several stories. Some may remind you of someone but may not be who you think. Some may make you cry and others you may see a silver lining. What ever it is you get from them maybe different than what I got or others got from them. It doesn't matter as long as at the end of the day you are a bit more greatful for what you may or may not have. Here it goes.

Once upon a time there was once a beautiful little girl. She had a very rough life growing up and was a handful herself. She started drinking and partying and soon she was hooked on drugs. She moved from place to place always in search of happiness. She royally messed up her life and later found love and acceptance from a biker. The biker liked his cigs, drugs and drink. They had 2 beautiful girls. The girls grew up tough with attitude and found out in their early teen years that their mom (the orginal girl that this story is about) had cancer. She beat her cancer and began smoking again and it wasn't long before the cancer returned. Yet again she beat the cancer but this time her hair fell out and the chemo burnt up her esophogus. Repeatedly her throat would have to be stretched just to be able to swallow again. Although this beautiful but sad girl had beat cancer twice yet again she began to smoke, and her husband smoked around her. This girl was just diagnosed with brain cancer. She has 5 tumors on her brain in different locations.

Once upon a time there was a scared little girl. She was always in fear of messing up and getting into trouble so she never really lived life. She met her fiance in high school and had big dreams for a college and an education in culinary arts. However, those were her dreams and not of her parents who turned up their noses at her passions and suggested business school instead with a promise of a car. So the girl began her parents dream. Off to business school she went along with her love. Her love went to be an electrical engineer only because he felt envy for his cousin who went to the same school and graduated in the same major and had great success. He wanted to find praise, success and approval from his family. Unfortuately, his major wasn't his strong point and he didn't have the drive or passion. He failed and was kicked out of school. The girl who loved him so missed him and found great depression with him gone and she too dropped out to go follow her man. The girl never got the car but did marry the man of her dreams. They had a couple of children and worked very hard, However, the paychecks were small and other complications with family came in to play. Eventually the husband went back to college and found his passion in life while the girl worked to help him through. Later they moved far away and the husband got a pretty good job but still not good enough. They had no choice but to become homeless in this nasty recession, Living with their 2 children in a small office space secretly. very few people knew and kept their secret for them. Now they still struggle to pay the bills and have nothing to show for all of thier lifes efforts. They are a family, they love each other very much and all though they have nothing they have a strong family bond. They say it is more than most have today.

once upon a time there was a little boy. He grew up in a small town and had many friends. He was a little disabled mentally but that did not stop him from doing everything all of the other little boys and girls did. His family didn't have much, a bit of a run down home and an old truck but he had many brothers and sisters and he loved them all. When this little boy became a teen he was diagnosed with cancer. He went through many painful remedies but was doomed to lose the battle in the end. He died a couple of years later, in the arms of his brothers listening to his favorite rock and roll music on MTV. He finally had peace and was no longer in pain. He left behind many who miss him and never have forgotten him.

I wish I knew wonderful stories of people who had good fortune. People who got the winning lottery ticket when they had nothing, of People who give to those without just to make a difference and I mean giving big. I heard of a story once of a man who had millions and chose every christmas to go and walk the streets and give money to who ever he ran into. I wish I could shake his hand and I wish sometimes I was in the position to be him and put a greatful smile on everyones face. If anyone knows of such a story... well... please share them with me. I could really use them right now.

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