Monday, February 15, 2010


valentine's day.... most think it I for lovers only. Well I suppose it kind of is. I am all for a Day that inspires love. There is so much dislike in the world now days just think about it. For example(s)....most of us hate Mondays. When was the last time you had someone say to you "OH GOODY .... IT'S MONDAY"? What did Monday do to anyone except bear the responcibility of being the first day of the work week, only Friday, Saturday & Sunday get the true glory and love. Ever heard the saying " I want it like I want a shot in the a$$" ? Of course that means we really don't want it.... what ever it is we don't like it. However that little shot... that 10 seconds of discomfort should be praised for keeping us well. Some chose to hate the weather. I know because I thought I hated snow... now I realize I love the stuff. Some hate John & Kate.... OK poor example because ... well John & Kate don't put those babies on TV anymore!!! But really we don't know them. They could be messed up like the rest of .... just... hum greedier. We hate war. Yeah I hate it too.... but it has gone on through out history and well I am sure it will not change anytime soon, however we love the good that comes out of it. Yes there is good just ask any Jewish person who is here on earth today because one of their ancestors were saved in WWII. OK now for Valentines Day it's self. Some hate this holiday. They feel it is a waste of money. "The flowers are just going to die and the chocolates will make me fat" . Well that isn't really why now is it. Excuses. It isn't about the gifts it is about who we share the day with. Now I am lucky enough to have found my sweetheart young. I am lucky enough to have 2 wonderful children, I have my Mom, Gram & Sister. I have Awesome friends and what a gift to tell them all HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY and that I love them.
As far as money spent.... to be honest we are so broke there was not money to spend. I made home made cards and still had our Christmas feast in the freezer ( I had surgery christmas we never really had christmas this last year) so I cooked that and lit a few candles. I set up our dinner table outside, under the stars and put on the love songs. Vertually free. A day of love not of hate. By the way things we love and understandibly so: I am up there with chocolates, music, hot chocolate on a coldday, bon fires, dancing, old movies, the smell of hot apple crisp, playing footsies, skinny dipping, massage,laughter, moon light and stars, ocean water, warm gentile breezes, a good cry, a big bear hug, the first kiss, hot pizza and good company, a shared secret .... so much to love.... but often hate gets all the attention.

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