Monday, August 31, 2009

Tomato Soup To Warm My Soul

Yes, I still have that sore throat. I thought it was going away, but no. It is still itchy and nagging at me. I was in hopes it was on its way out last night and decided to try to help it along with a quick homemade tomato soup. I opened a can of tomatoes and pureed it down,but not too much because I like it as a bisque. Added some low fat milk, salt, pepper, garlic, fresh basil and rosemary from my garden and a little splenda to cut the acid. As I cooked it I thought about the first time I had tomato soup. It was at Diane's house. She lived at the end of our street. Her mother was the Avon lady....Ding Dong... Avon!!!! It was so fun at her house because her mother had all of the little samples of lipsticks and I think we over time had tried everyone on. Anyway, I was sure I wouldn't like this red, soup made of tomatoes from that Campbell's can. Diane's Mom made it differently though, she added milk and turned it into a creamy sweet dish that I fell in love with (mmmm mmm good. Hehehe, sorry couldn't help myself). I heated my soup until hot but not scaled and oooooohhhhhhhh it was so GOOD!!!! The heat felt incredibly healing to my throat and off to bed I went. I am sure I had wonderful dreams.

6:00 a.m. I wake. Crack, snap, "come on back you can do it. Up straight now" . I am sure you all know what I mean by this if you are 35 or older. That stiff morning wake. Up to start the day. Made muffins for the kids and made my self a bowl of broccoli salad (that I am now out of). I am sure I will be sick of it soon, but as for now I find it yummy and filling. What is in my broccoli salad? Broccoli crowns, and shredded broccoli, carrots, red cabbage, soy nuts, and craisins. I buy it at Costco. I do not eat the dressing that comes with it though. It is made with mayonnaise "YUCK". I have never cared for mayo and can pick it out of most anything. I instead choose to use Italian dressing on my salad. Good Seasons brand. So off to school goes Wyatt and off to work goes my hubby. Now it is time to school Kylann and off to the football Field we go for power walking, and just walking. We walked in all around 2 miles. I was proud of us, but mostly Ky. She was a real trooper to keep up with me. Honestly, I don't know if I would exercise if it weren't for her. You see what makes me get out there and do it is the thought of her becoming heavy set and her being mad at me later for not teaching her a healthier lifestyle. I kick myself in the butt often because if I had just kept up with myself before I would not be where I am today. Obese. Obese... what a hidious word. Now if you don't feel bad enough about yourself have a doctor ask "do you know your obese"? Well Duh!!! I just shop in the womens section because it is the "in" thing to do. What a stupid question. I am positive that most of my depression is hereditary. A lot of my family has it. I am also sure that if I was physically heathier that although, my depression may not go away, would deterriorate quite a bit.

I had so much happen to me today that I would love to share with you all, but fear I will lose you all if I take up too much more of your time. Maybe tomorrow though I will fill you in on the goings on with my little sister and myself. Say a prayer for her please, she is a little lonelyer tonight. :(

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