Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cheese Steak and Chili ahhhh

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Well here I am day 2 of this project and well I suppose I ought to back track so you know what I did and hope to keep doing. Last night my kids ages 12 and 10 were kind of dying for a cheese steak sandwich. I decided to surprise them and pulled out some steak out of the freezer. I spent a good 20 minutes shaving it down and in the mean time earning myself one of the nicest knife blisters on my pointer finger. I of course ran around the house collecting as much sympathy as possible. First from my hubby who... well wasn't too conserned, then my daughter who went overboard on the "oooohhhh I am sorry" as she was giggling away. It was my son who truely felt bad for me and gave me a hug to make me feel better and my cat who licked it. I accually find a lot of humor in recalling this account, you see my son is ususally is very selfish but the thought of his consern makes me smile, and well how did that cat know to lick that exact spot. The whole thing between my son and cat made my husband feel bad as I commenced to rub it in. He made it up to me though. He finished slicing that darn frozen peice of flesh and marinated it too.

My husband, Chad, really likes to cook every now and then. He pulled out the olive oil and red wine; then he poured a goodly amount over the shaved beef. Then he hit the spices; salt, pepper, garlic, onion, cajun spice, and dijion mustard. He allowed it to sit awhile and then prepared his saute pan with non stick cooking spray. Aaahhhhh the aroma!!!! He cooked it to perfection, So tender and juicy. Now I am the bread maker in the house. Chad used to be ... but once I resigned from my job I found so much piece and healing in making bread dough. Bread dough is so soft, plyable, and circulates the blood in your hands. This gift that God had given us.... the gift of thought and invention is marvelous and so is the person who first condured up the first loaf of bread. Who would ever have though that some wheat, egg, water, yeast salt, sugar and oil would be so theraputic yet tastey? I made english muffins the other day and I toasted up a couple for the kids to have their cheese steak on. My Husband and I would be eating ours over salad. I added a slice of cheddar cheese on top and allowed it to melt. It was a work of art by the time Chad and I were finished. I also made onion blossoms. I know... I know .... it sounds so fattening, but it wasn't!!!! you see I bake my onion blossoms. I take a large onion and cut a bunch of slits all the way around but not all the way through or it will just fall apart. Then I crack up some eggs but use only the egg whites (therefore getting rid of the high calories from the eggs), prepare my bread crumbs by adding spices. I use plain bread crumbs so I add salt, pepper, and a little hot pepper flakes (I like the bite). Soak the onion in hot water (this helps the sections of the onion to loosen up) and then roll it in the egg, and then the bread crumbs. I then put it on a baking sheet and heat the oven to 450. Spray the onion with that non-stick spray and then bake until it is golden brown. OH IT IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!! My kids even love them. Dinner was so tasty and I didn't even miss the carbs from the bread from the sandwich.

So onto today. My morning started off as it has the last couple of weeks, with a big bowl of broccoli salad. I think I am addicted. I love its crunchiness. Later I decided I was going to exercise and tried the fit channel. I have always wanted to do one of those fancy dances... so I did the latin workout and tried (key word "tried") to salsa. My feet couldn't quite keep up but I did sweat and I guess that is all that matters. Later we had to go get gas for our car and since we are extremely poor this week we rolled up change from our change jar and headed out. We bought our gas at Costco since it is the best price around at about $3.45 for super. The kids were hungery and so were we so we hit Wendy's. WHAT!!!! I know! but do not fear I was very good in sticking to my diet. I ordered a side salad and a bowl of chili. Again very low on carb and calories. Now I am home, hoping that my friend will come over who I haven't seen in a few weeks and pondering about dinner. Oh by the way I am catching a cold. Yup... you know that irritating kind that starts with an ichy sore throat and then moves up into your nose causing stuffiness. Darn... I am out of theraflu too. Hopefully it will be one of those short lived things and I can continue one with the million things that we as mothers must do everyday. Housework, homeschooling (yes I homeschool my daughter), baking, my afternoon job and whatever else ends up coming my direction.

Taa taa friends... I will talk again tomorrow ;p

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