Monday, April 19, 2010

okay this is progress... new lesson learned.

So I had a wonderful Easter as you know with my friend and her children. Well her Bo (that is super controlling) kept calling and guilting her. She caimed that she wanted to call it quits with him and I tried to help give her the courage and the backbone without much progress but I felt encouraged at times anyway. Babysteps she took and I don't know what happened the day after Easter but I haven't heard from her since. Oh she is physically okay. I see her. I have texted and called but no return. I am afraid for her and her safety. So how do I handle it??? Well at first I try to nag her with texts and calls. She knows I am worried about her when I do this. We have had this discussion and she promised to answer when I do this so I won't worry. Next, I get frustrated. I call and leave her a message that I am not prepared to make and it is kind of choppy but the root of the message is when you are ready you call me. That is where it is at. I have felt a little hurt, okay a lot hurt by this behavior in the past but right now I think I am less hurt and more concerned. Okay this is progress right? Finally I am not feeling too hurt by someone tossing me aside. That is new and somehow empowering. Lesson learned? I read in in a bumpersticker I posted on FB today. "never let somebody become a priority in your life.... when you are just an option in theirs". So true right? How can I help my dear friend??? I do not have the answers. All I can think of is to go to those who can help her. I know around about way to get to them but so I do not disclose any of her personal issues I will not elabortate.

My Husband saw her today and she gave him the cold shoulder. Probably embarrassed, shame, or just not knowing where she stands is the reasoning I come up with. I know at some point I will try again to let her know I am still her friend just when she is ready to be one back. Part of me wonders why this is my job, the other part of me isn't mean enough to let her be alone and walk away like all the rest. I hope you are safe friend. You know who you are, and yes I still love you. Be well.....

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